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Congrats, you’re just a few clicks away from the best strawberry vape juice on the market. Not just fact, we love strawberry so much, we created 5 unique flavors with it.

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FEATURED FAVE: Strawberry Limeade

Looking for something to quench your taste buds this summer? Let this strawberry limeade do the work. The refreshing sense of strawberry followed by a zesty kick of lime will leave you feeling refreshed and wanting more. Go ahead, get you some!

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Unlike the other guys, cooking up juice in their momma’s garage like a B-rate Breaking Bad parody, we’re the real deal.

Check out our technical resources page for info on our manufacturer’s down-to-the-minute automation, traceability of every drop of juice, and precise quality control of every one of our 100% USA-made, ‘merican ingredients. Or you can just skip to our guarantee.

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We didn’t create this company for fun. We go big or go home. To prove it, if you don’t love our juice, we’re the only company who will buy it back. We made it that great, we’ll keep it that simple.

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Like bantamweight boxers, Bantam chickens are scrappy, independent fighters, nimble enough to quickly fight their way up the pecking order. We put that scrappy, whatever-it-takes fight in everything we do, from our products to the experience you have with Bantam.